Rabu, 19 Agustus 2015

Relaxation Room Design Ideas

Modern or contemporary life brings a lot of stress; which may affect their world view and their health. Believe it or not, stress contributes to heart disease, obesity and anxiety disorders such as PTSD.

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The easiest way to calm down and remove the burden of his life, is to found a sanctuary in your own home. A space for meditation or just relaxing, is the refuge you really need. This space has to soothe and nourish while withdraws from the world, and clear your mind for a while.

1. Bring in the air outside. To encourage a serene atmosphere, it is very important to use colors, textures and natural elements. Ideally, place your relaxation room in a room that is airy and has garden views.

2. Do not forget the floor. The floor of a relaxation room must be natural wood or just put a beautiful carpet that is made of natural fibers such as wool or cotton.

3. Recommended colors. The room you have chosen for your relaxation room has to be painted in soft colors like pale pinks, green, white or lightly tinted blue. It is not appropriate to use energy colors such as bright red. It is a good idea to look for or ask about color therapy and color therapy, so you know which colors are more relaxing for you.

4. Place an accessory that merges a reassuring sound. In the relaxation room with water install an accessory or table place a small fountain to recreate the reassuring sound of a stream or a waterfall in the woods.

5. Do not forget to furnish this room. Mostly room relaxation room has to be furnished with large cushions on the floor, some chairs and an ottoman or a gorgeous overstuffed couch.

6. The room has to be illuminated with low lights. For this, the use of a voltage regulator, bulbs that are low-power or can even use is recommended scented candles. Otherwise, use a mask to block the light.

7. The whole area of ​​the room has to be well perfumed or simply must have a rich aroma. You can get a rich aroma or scent throughout the room are incense or scented candles.

8. Do not forget the music. In the room you have to play especially music that really relax or play the sounds of Mother Nature, as the crash of the waves reaching the beach or the song of a whale. It's also a good idea to hang on moving windows or wind chimes.

9. It is very important that your relaxation room to keep it always clean and tidy. All objects or things must be in place, nothing on the ground, as they may cause some minor accidents.

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